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Hi all!

So! Simm: Rise of Trouble Vol. 3 is up for sale on both Kindle and Smashwords!! (For Kindle users outside of the US, you can find Simm by searching the ASIN: B07LB2R6S6) After all this time (sorry for taking so long), it’s live and kicking and ready for the world. I do hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.

This one was a journey from start to finish, but where this one leaves off I continue on with Rise of Trouble Vol. 4 titled: Not Their Wedding. We get to see what happens at the van Wyrn’s royal wedding and there are some shenanigans, and not just from Sari and Jayd.

I'm on Tumblr. I figured it was a place to put both news and other fun things such as excerpts from various stories I'm working on. In fact, I've already started. A short story about how Golden Boots first met Red Boots and gained his boat, The Argyn Ot, called Meeting Red. Do please check it out.

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